Conver – weed harvesters

Conver weed harvesters have been developed specifically to remove water plants and/or floating debris from waterways and lakes. Floating plants such as duckweed (Lemnoideae) and common water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes), as well as rooted plants such as waterweed (Elodea) and many other varieties, can be harvested. The differences between the machines concern their working depths, cutting widths and storage capacities.

MC 106 weed harvester | product page >

Conver MC106 maaiverzamelboot. De maaiverzamelboten van Conver zijn speciaal ontwikkeld om waterplanten en/of drijfvuil uit watergangen en meren te verwijderen
Largest weed harvester
High loading capacity of 18m3/ 6,5 ton
Suited to work on rivers or bigger lakes
Quick and easy unloading with a conveyor belt

MC 103 weed harvester  | product page >

Medium-sized weed harvester
Loading capacity of 8m3
Quick and easy unloading with a conveyor belt
Limited vertical clearance needed by positioning of the cabin next to the bunker

MC 101 weed harvester  | product page >

Conver MC101 weed harvesters
Small and agile weed harvester
Loading capacity of 2m3/750 kg
Suitable for removal of floating debris and surfaced vegetation from the smaller ponds and rivers
The MC 101 can be transported by the Conver CTP485 (extended) boat trailer