C36 mower-rake machine


Complete the entire ditch maintenance from the tow path in one run in the most environmentally-friendly way possible? It can be done, simply and fast, with the Conver C36 mower-rake combination. The front end of a tractor is equipped with a mowing unit and the rear with a raking unit.

Virtually any type of tractor can be used, whether with narrow or wide tracks. The basic frame is produced specifically for each tractor. There is a choice available for every combination from a range of various standardized mast lengths and tool types. The machine can be provided with or without an additional support wheel.

Thanks to all these options you can put together a machine to suit all conditions. Of course, you can also choose a model with only a mowing unit (CVS) on the front or a rake (CAS) at the rear.

Conver,mowing,raking unit,waterway maintenance
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)8,4 x 1,6 x 1,6 m (work), 6,2 x 2,0 x 1,6 m (transport)
MATERIAL3 mm profiled St52
WEIGHT2,850 – 3,100 kg (depending on model)
COLOROrange RAL 2004
HYDRAULIC SYSTEMOne load-sensing pump and one gear pump with (semi-)proportional valves
HYDRAULIC TANK95 L with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling