Conver – dredgers

We are also a household name in the field of dredging. Conver has produced boats for small-scale dredging operations for more than 30 years. The dredging sites can be difficult or impossible for conventional dredging machines to reach. Thanks to their compact design, shallow draft and sturdy independent auger propulsion, Conver boats can reach them. Our range of products is highly diverse. It includes push boats, crane vessels, cutter-suction dredgers, transport barges and support boats.

C84 barge  | product page >

Available in two types
Barge made of 5mm thick steel
Bow executed in 8mm steel
Available in two sizes, 12m3/8,3 ton and 18m3/12 ton
Constructed with 3 watertight compartments

C86 silt pusher | product page >

Conver silt pusher C86
Specially designed to dredge ditches, canals or ponds
Suited to remove organic silt
A winch is mounted on the front and the back of the machine to push the silt
Push blades are available in different sizes and easily exchangeable
Working width of 2 m up to 8 m

C87 cutter suction | product page >

Conver,cutters suction dredger,dredger,cutter suction,boat
Compact cutter suction dredger for small scale dredging
The cutter is mounted on a swivel ladder which moves while the boat stays on the same spot
Available in a 6” and 8” version
Developed for dredging a large variety of soil types
Equipped with a swivle ladder

C480D pushboat | product page >

Conver,push boat,barge
Mostly suited to push barges
Suited with two steel cables and tensioning cylinders to connect the barges
Stable and robust push boat, build of 4mm steel and reinforced bow of 10 mm