• C36 maai-harkcombinatie. Via hydraulisch bedienbare arm(en), voorzien van een maaibalk en/of hark, kunnen taluds en slootkanten efficiënt worden onderhouden.

C36 mower-rake machine

Complete the entire ditch maintenance from the tow path in one run in the most environmentally-friendly way possible? It can be done, simply and fast, with the Conver C36 mower-rake combination. The front end of a tractor is equipped with a mowing unit and the rear with a raking unit.

Always a suitable machine

The C36 consists of a rear and a front unit that can be assembled together or separately on a Fendt 200 V/F series 2018. There is a choice available for every combination from a range of various standardized mast lengths and tool types. The machine can be provided with or without an additional support wheel. Thanks to the various options you can put together a machine to suit all conditions.

Available implements

The C36 is delivered without implements as standard. As can be seen on the photos, the CAS rear-unit is usually equipped with a rake and the CVS front-unit with a cutter bar.


Our Aluminum CHA rakes comes standard with 3 teeth per element, heavy belts, wide discs and aluminum elements. You can choose from a rake with 11, 13, 15 or 17 elements. With options such as the hydraulic wheel adjustment, the double support wheel and the hydraulic folding attachment you can customize the rake exactly as you want.

Cutter bar

Conver cutter bars are all type ESM with double-acting blades. Various lengths are available, optionally with curved end piece. Our cutter bars are provided with a quick coupling for mounting on the front-unit. Each cutter bar comes standard with a mechanical impact safety and 1 set of cutters.

DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)8,40 x 1,60 x 1,60 m (work), 6,20 x 2,00 x 1,60 m (transport)
MATERIAL3 mm profiled St52
WEIGHT2,850 – 3,100 kg (depending on model)
COLOROrange RAL 2004
HYDRAULIC SYSTEMOne load-sensing pump and one gear pump with (semi-)proportional valves
HYDRAULIC TANK95 L with suction and return filter
CREW1 person