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Our factory develops and builds cutting-edge machines that are ground breaking in their design. Our aim is to produce machines which can be used to implement responsible water-management. With the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we are in a position to supply customized solutions for all types of floating machinery, amphibious equipment and land-based machines. Consequently, we now have a range of different types of mowing boats, weed harvesters and dredgers that can perform a variety of jobs. We produce special Conver boat trailers to transport the mowing boats. If you prefer an amphibious machine, we will equip you with capabilities that will improve performance on all terrains. This also applies to our land-based machines. Conver offers a variety of land-based machines, including three-wheelers, tracked carriers and mower-rake machines. We are convinced that innovation is the only way to survive. We are currently developing machines which have minimal impact on the environment. Machines that will enable us to perform at our best in the future as well. We believe it is important to translate your requirements into the best possible solution. That is in our nature too.


At Conver we produce different types of mowing boats, weed harvesters and dredgers. Machines that can perform a variety of jobs. We also develop customised solutions.


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Do you want to work as well on water as on land? We offer you various amphibious machines that are suitable for every terrain. Discover the possibilities.


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Conver offers you machines to mow and clear the sides of ditches from very narrow tow paths as well as brushing machines to remove weed in the urban areas. Check out our machines here.